Marco Zwart studied Business Administration and Management of Change at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. He has many years of international experience as a manager and supervisor of change processes in the processing industry. In addition to this, he also has experience in change in the public sector thanks to his work in public administration.

In 2007, he took a personal mastery course at McKinsey and Mobius in the United States. Optimising organisations and supervising change processes with an open and analytical perspective are second nature to him. Cooperation and mutual trust, and being solution-oriented are central to his approach.

His passion is putting the opportunities and potential of everyone to maximum use. His hobbies are travelling (preferably in Scandinavia), sailing, music and theatre. He combines his experience in awareness with studying oriental (Buddhist) philosophy, psychology and methodology.

Ad Jansen became interested in change during the 1980s. As the leader of a team and then a department in the process industry he introduced many changes and later began to facilitate organizational transformations. He traveled around the world to learn more and to inspire change in people, teams and organizations.

In 2013 he followed the personal mastery training at McKinsey and Mobius in the United States. He knows that listening is the basis for successful change.

Ad is a music lover and was a guitarist in a gypsy jazz quartet for 32 years.